Please go through the following FAQs in case you have a query concerning our operations and services. If you question isn’t answered below, then feel free to contact us via email or phone, and we will get to you right away.

  1. Why should I hire your services?
    You should get your assignments written by us because we are reliable and trustworthy. This is reflected by the fact that we have many clients all over the world, who keep coming back to us whenever they need help with assignments. Also, we keep our promises, and deliver high-quality content right on time. Your order will never be delayed from our side.
  2. What services do you offer?
    We offer a multitude of services, but to sum it all up, we do assignment writing and proofreading for our clients. This means that you can come to us for all your assignment-related problems.
  3. Do you give any discounts for students?
    Our prices are quite reasonable because we know that our clientele mostly consists of students running on low budgets. Apart from that, we offer a flat discount of 10% on all first-time orders. We also hold occasional sales in order to facilitate our clients.
  4. How can I contact you?
    We are available round the clock every day of the week, and our customer support team can be easily contacted via email or phone. Once you have placed an order with us, you can also stay in touch with the writer and stay on top of the writing process.
  5. Is your online payment system safe?
    Of course it is! We heavily protect our servers against foreign intrusion to make sure that your financial details do not get into the hands of a third party. In addition to this, even our employees cannot view your information. Hence, you can place your orders with us without fearing anything.
  6. When can I expect to receive my assignment?
    Delivery time solely depends on the extent of an assignment. As you confirm your order with us, our correspondent will let you know about the time when you can expect to receive your assignment.
  7. How can I pay for your services?
    You can make all your payments via PayPal or credit card. However, keep in mind that we strongly condemn the use of unauthorized credit cards for making payments on our website.
  8. What happens if I am not satisfied with the assignment that you write for me?
    We try our best to satisfy each and every customer. However, there may be some rare occasion on which you find our work lacking. In such a situation, you can always get it revised or ask for a refund.
  9. How do you hire your writers?
    Our writers are hired after a thorough screening that involves background checks, interviews and written tests. We only hire the best to write your assignments for you.